Bucket list

Bucket List
 Start doing your dream list.  Simple things can make your life happy. 
Playing in the snow... bucket list

Some persons don't believe in regrets. But sometimes when you get older there's questions about things that you could have done. 

Start doing your bucket list of anything you might want to do or have in your life. Once a year make it happen.  Its just take willing to do it. Bucket List is not just for people who's going to terminal illness or seniors. Is for everybody who would like to accomplish their own "dream" that always want.

Go through simple things that only take few money or few hours. Be creative in many ways. Since time and money it's you competition in accomplish what you really want. Look for easy things you would like to do. My friend always want to take carpentry class and she say maybe one day. My mother in law always want to learn how to play the piano, but she said she's to old. I can keep going with many examples in real life. It's how you see people passing by their own time. 

If you are not doing today, so when? tomorrow is never and we all know that. Committed to your bucket list. Remember simple things can make your life happy . 

In this picture I captured my sister, when we visited Chicago. She was so excited to see for the first time snow. It was one of the things in her bucket list or her dream list.



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