The Easter Squirrel came to my house

The Easter squirrels visit my house

It was Sunday Easter noon when my little one she was preparing to get ready for the egg Easter hunting party. We went to church early morning for a special day of Easter. But She didn't know, that Day is going to became an "extra special Day".

She found herself followed by a precious tiny squirrel in our garden. This little one was walking around the palm tree, searching for human contact. I couldn't believe, since many squirrels don't approach people.  Never see it in my neighborhood or anywhere.

In the beginning was only "one" shy shaking baby squirrel following my daughter everywhere. So, we decide to give her a hand. Carefully my daughter grab it the baby squirrel. She cuddles in her arms then she put in her lap where she falls asleep. 

We don't know where came from and where was her mother. We looking around and everything was clear, no mommy squirrel  was found. I believed this little one falls down from our palm tree and was looking for "cuddle".  And that is why, my daughter named "cuddles". She didn't get over petting "baby cuddles" for hours. Also she offered a bawl of water and bread. "Cuddles" didn't like to much the bread. But water was good enough, till was time to go. But before we leave we found in the garage pieces of big twisted pipes and we put "cuddles" there (with a little blanket) pretending was her house and we leave him in the garden.

The Easter squirrel visit my house
When we came back to the house after the party "Cuddles" was playing around the palm tree till was night time. It was the best Easter Sunday my daughter can ask for.

Next day in the morning cuddles brought her little sister!!! and that it was unbelievable!. Never see my daughter so happy like this, and super protective. Her excitement and happiness was priceless. 

The Easter squirrel visit my house

"Cuddles" little sister was named "Lucy" no idea how kids get their names. But "Lucy" was little and definitely was cold shaking. My daughter brought her a little blanket and she petting till "Lucy falls asleep". 

"Cuddles and Lucy" where playing around the palm tree, because on the grass was palm nuts and my daughter was given to them. That way they know what to eat. Definable they liked. The two little ones played out site my house all day. Somehow after Easter Sunday my daughter has no school and works perfect for her. She had the opportunity to meet "Lucy".

All beautiful histories come to an end and this was not the exception.  I knew one day the two baby squirrels they're going to find some friends and probably  move somewhere else (usually don't stay in one place). And just like daughter saw the two sisters one more day playing both around the palm tree, and I saw them one more day after that. 

Suddenly they move out. And my daughter had a broken heart. She cried lots of tears (she was no ready to say goodbye) was her exactly words. But that, didn't take the fact that The Easter squirrels came to visit my house in a special day, making her day unforgettable. 

It was a beautiful and magical experience for all of us. Specially for my daughter. We are going to keep such excited memories in our heart.
Hope you like my Easter.




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  1. I love this real life story. Great memories . From: Ericka