Niagara falls

One of the famous water falls in the world, but not the biggest. Niagara Falls it's a great landmark destination to visit in the United States of America or Canada.

On my wedding anniversary, I had the chance to visit the falls. Was a wonderful experience. I will share some of the pictures of this natural beauty and also tips to make you future trip to the falls, easy and fun.

In another post I will write about the "Niagara River". Now back again about the falls. Unlike the much larger horseshoe falls, which two third of this falls is located in Ontario, Canada and one- third in the US State of New York. This is amazing to see it and experience on a boat trip as shown above in the picture or get spectacular views of The Horseshoe falls from the Canadian site as shown in the picture below. 

The Horseshoe Niagara Falls

If you travel and stay in the American site or Canadian site. Ride in the boat have the same destination. Both they take you to Horseshoe Fall and the American Falls. Views are the same in the boat.

The Horseshoe falls has full view from the Canadian border, if you want to take a picture from upper site. Canada is definitely a good angle to do it (which you can walk the bridge to cross the border as long you have passport). But, if you take the ride in the boat is not need to cross the border, you get the whole falls view at your feet. 
In my case I walk the border, since the Canadian site was just yards to cross.
The American Fall and the Horseshoe Falls
View from New York State

One of the best things to do in you visit to the Falls, is take the walk tours to the "Cave of the winds". Just behind the "Bridal veil" at the niagara falls. This are located in the American site falls.

The cave of the winds was a natural cave, about 130 feet high, 100 feet wide and about 30 feet in depth.

In this tours you going down in an elevator, when you purchase the ticket they also give you a souvenir poncho and pair of sandals to wear in the tours. The sandals are specially design, where states you visited the Cave of the winds in Niagara falls. 

Cave of the Winds: Niagara Falls State Park

Tickets are not expense. This is a state National Park in the US and is not for profit. Which makes the price totally affordable to maintain the park. You don't have to purchase tickets in advance if you don't want to. But I suggest avoid the middle of summer, when school is over. Since many students and families are visiting the falls. 
Instead try to go by the month of May, September or beginning of October. There is not waiting time. Best hours is by 4:00 or 5:00 pm.

The Cave of the Winds closed by the second week of October for the weather. They have to removed all the stairs and reopen on spring.
Gather less things, since in the Hurricane deck is a lot wind, breathtaking views and lots of fun! The torrents of the Bridal Veil falls creates a tropical storm like conditions, watch your camera when you take pictures.

Bridal Veil Falls: Niagara Falls State Park
I think this, was one of many beautiful experiences that I really enjoyed to share with everybody. Visiting Niagara Falls was breathtaking. Every angle where I capture a picture was amazing. No where else on Earth can gets you closer to the falls from top to bottom, and that was in the American site! 

Hurricane  Deck at the Cave of the Winds: Niagara Falls State Park
Now, I let you with my last picture up. I called this picture, the wild side of the Niagara Falls. I couldn't miss a shot of the beautiful rainbow in the middle of the falls.

 Picture from Red Coach Hotel
For information and reservations click here

Red Coach Hotel at Niagara falls was my best choice to stayed at the Falls in New York State. This bed and breakfast is not just historic building, but also is one of the favorite places used for honeymooners. In addition is the only hotel in the American site that you can walk to the falls just yards away the street (you can hear the falls from the hotel). And has the best restaurant in town.

I enjoyed so much my stay and a truly recommended this place whether you go as a couple or with family. Rooms are cozy and beautiful. 
If you would like to stay in the Canadian site, where are the Niagara falls, the whole border is full of hotels (like Vegas street going on). You can choose to stay there. But keep in mind, change of currency, location and Hotels in this part, goes higher in price if you room is facing the waterfalls. However, you can cross the border and visit the casinos. Many people they do in both sites.

hope this post help, thanks for reading.

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