kids Imagination

How can I take this dragon home
photography by Karina Aguirre

Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere. (Albert Einstein).

Is amazing to see kids developing their imagination. They are just like white canvas (they can paint anything in their minds). And yet living in a different world of fantasy!!  

And yes is true, each child have his own world they absorb everything around and we can give simple tools to became a good person > understand childhood with love, memories and logic. 

I really miss my time to be a child, specially when I believe I was a super hero and an indestructible human that was able to fly, talk to animals and nature, not even fire can touch me. Those beautiful moments did a beautiful day.

Some of my friends who are already adults, they told me histories of their childhood. Which was beyond fun than I used to played. But something in common than all we have, is that in some point of our childhood we had fun in the imagination of our world. Something that you can see when kids playing along and probably brings you memories.

Why I don't understand is, some parents they forgot that time. Maybe because are submitted in the stress of work life. Some of them  asking why kids they talk to along or same of them they just mortify kids because they talk too much. Real answers are just simple > kids they have a world of love, peace, beautiful fairy tale and adventure, that world it's "imagination" and they like to live in that, until adults show them, their own world. 

Sad to fall in the reality of our busy lives. But as always I say, your child doesn't have to know about your finances problems, depression, stress or your lack of creativity. For any kid, mom and dad are always the "Super Heroes" no matter what. Don't try to put your real world of problems in a kid, that is the big mistake from adults.

In the picture above, my daughter was inspired from the movie How to train a dragon. She was serious to take the dragon home to play and adopted as a pet, before to watch the movie. Really fun moment and make my day to hear all her stories.

Simple things can make life happy.

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