Can't live without your phone?

Can't live without your phone?
 photographer Marsel van Oosten 

As much we don't like to take the phone with us when we go out, the cellphone is an indispensable communication object in our daily living life.

“Thumbs are stronger, attention shorter, temptation everywhere: We can always be, mentally, digitally, someplace other than where we are.”

This reality, mainly is due to all games, apps and the "social media" where develop an habit in the past 10 years in millions of individuals.
And that's why I called to this era the "social media century" which destroyed the generation. Many people like my sister or my friend cannot leave without their phones. And they accepted. Is not just a necessity is also part of their life.

For one side in cellphones we have the games apps (the most used) as well of any app you can imagine (shopping, banking, weather, etc) and for the other side we have the increasingly  "social media". This last, brings in many people an obsession which creates the impression that some users are wildly more sociable than others. But the facts of this is Not.
According to many studies "our brain can retain as much of 100 friends" . If you have 30 thousand or more friends, I don't think you can remember all of then or at least 25% of the people.

According with Dr Larry Rosen, who had study "Psychology of Technology" states >some people call it an addiction. Others call it an obsession. But, there is an important difference between the two. Addiction means that you are trying to get your brain to release neurotransmitters that we have learned signal a pleasurable experience. Obsession also involves neurotransmitters but those chemicals are associated with symptoms of stress and anxiety. When we are addicted to something we strive for the pleasure it brings. When we are obsessed with something we strive to reduce the anxiety molecules in our brain. Personally, I think that our constant obsession with technology--obsession being an anxiety-based disorder--is mostly about reducing anxiety and very little about gaining pleasure. Just as Jack Nicholson kept doing repetitive activities in As Good As It Gets, we seem to be doing the same with our smartphones<.

Well there you have his explanation. wish some of us can learn and control the anxiety of phones, that can lead to many things unhealthy.

Mean while enjoy moments with others when you are in a circle of friends or with family, don't look your phone.  Relax and remember beautiful moments can make a beautiful day (with real friends).

Hope you enjoy this post.

Dr Larry Rosen author Psychology of technology
Georgina Rodriguez author Walk the Bridge 
Photography Marsel van Oosten 

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