Exercise and excuses

Give to exercise a chance

Have you ever think how many excuses we give to working out?. Yes, I will say a million! However, exercise its not other than "willing to do it" . How many times we feel so tired, or its too late, or too hot and I can keep going, because excuses never end.

Exercise take 20 minutes of your time and many of us, probably think is just few time that really isn't work in your body. But if you try at least three days a week it will work.

Did you know exercise help you with stress, depression, anxiety, pregnancy, diabetes and other conditions? 

When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. That can help you to alleviating stress, anxiety and many conditions such overweight.

Probably I should it think of that, long time ago. when I was submitted in endless stress, due to my work. Where the solution was so easy and simple to do it. I never had problems with overweight no even after pregnancy. But yes I did with my cholesterol due to stress.

Now than I really know and I proved. In my case, I like to go for a walk. That's my exercise. I walk with my two kids or sometimes along. When I do, relax me a lot, take me to "life dimension". Where I see life in different perspective. My walk routine is not about me anymore, its just what it is around. And I love to do that.

I like to walk specially after work or dinner. Never though how, a little time invest in myself can help me that much.

When I used to work long hours and haven't kids. The last thing I did, was walk or run. Time fly. One day I met my friend who told me she was running every night after work. I couldn't believe, since myself was totally tired to be stand up on my feet all day. I was unable to run or exercise. No in a million years I will do that. 

My friend was doing that for awhile , she was totally "in" working out. Some part of me wants to do it. But I did not how and when. 

This planet move around, so I do. I changed job and I had kids, and is when I decided to start exercise. Just when my life was more busy than ever.
 I decided after many excuses I did in the past. My best choice was walking. as much as I can, as far I can go.

Probably I never going to run long distance as my friend does. Or walk hundred of miles like my sister does. But since I star walking almost every night, little steps been improved my life no just my health. I am so great full for doing that.
It's true that only time make you realize, you could do many things in the past. But never is late to do things if you really want. Just lets go and do it!

Don't make excuses to working out or exercise. Take little steps and a new sunshine of happiness will come to your life. It is a fact.

hope you like this post,


Georgina Rodriguez  author walk the bridge
Endorphin source

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