Welcome New Year

And just like that, another day is passing by. I am excited for this New year, and for many plans I have and still making.

Wish you the New year brings you everything that you planned. Goals are important. Stay positive no matter the circumstances. 

I was reading in a magazine about the legacy of 2015. What was the most important thing that 2015 leaved in our society this pass year. 

Something that surprise me, was the answers of young adults and  older teenagers about women and education.

Education is the key for better future (but older teenagers are worry about student loan). And they were following news law that was passed on credit cards and student loan. I was no aware of that.

Another point,  was about Women. They are making difference in all communities. I saw that often. and I really proud for all women out there.   

Every year is full of memories. Wonderful, beautiful and sad moments. But usually, we remember the ones that stress most. However, this year I challenge you to keep in your mind the most fascinated memories that can happen.

And wish you a wonderful year. Keep in mid the follow picture.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful time.

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