Eat healthy

I love colors of nature. Fruit, flowers, trees and vegetables have a positive influence in our health and self stigma.
And there is no better choice to take advantage of what nature offer us to be in the best shape, mood and totally healthy.

When it comes to eat fruit or salads. Many people thinks > eat healthy is to do diet
Definitely is a miss conception, this comes from different perception and many reasons. We see commercials in television, or influence of  diet exercise, videos and magazine. Where the word diet, appears everywhere next to fruit and vegetables.

Somehow, consumers tend to like more fruit instead plain salad with vegetables along.  And this, is the purpose of this post. Trying to help people to taste something new.

Life, doesn't have to be complicated. Taking our own spirit of will and choices. We can add and enjoy many types of fruits mix with countless vegetables and have the best  "gourmet salad". That take 5 minutes of time, delicious and way less expense that buy it in a restaurant.

In this case, I prepare a salad, that's very easy to make (even my six year old can do), flavors are very tasty, super delicious. 

For those fruit eaters, who sometimes they don't like some vegetables. Or for the ones that just like fruit and never vegetables. Give to this a fancy taste chance.

Mixing fruits with a touch of vegetables is one of the biggest advantage we can take it.

Spinach salad with fruits

Preparation: 5 minutes
Ingredients: 1 bag of Baby spinach,  slice strawberries, blackberries, slice almonds (3 tbsp), grapes as needed, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and touch of pepper.
Note: if you don't like lemon juice, try with orange juice.

Directions:  In a small bowl combine the 4 teaspoons of oil olive and 3 teaspoons of lemon juice and the pinch of pepper. Add salt about 1/2 teaspoonful (lemon juice gives some salty flavor to the dressing). Set aside. Grab a bowl salad, where we going to do mix and serve the salad.

Place the baby spinach in the bowl (washed and dry), sprinkle the slices almonds, grapes and blackberries. Add dressing previously prepared mix together. Finally add the strawberries and give a quick mix. Strawberries are very delicate when mixing together.
Very simple and tasty. Ready to pair with you entree.

If you don't like one of the previously fruit. Add to your salad slices of fresh peaches. The flavor, tenderness and aroma makes your salad to the next level.

Hope you have a wonderful cook. Be ready to create your own recipe.

Thanks for reading.

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