Message bottle

Just like the song  from Frank Sinatra >somewhere beyond the sea, somewhere waiting for me...

... I  totally feel that song, when I found a message bottle in the beach. We went to Daytona Beach with my family. And for the first time, since I was a kid, always dream and wish to find a message bottle. Well my wish come true.

It was such excited experience. My daughters called a treasure map in the bottle!!

The emotions for the excited found, running and jumping around, couldn't be less than happiness. 


It was a day where storm just passed. The weaves was high, but good enough to celebrate the last day of vacation, before school starts.
My daughters looks like, they were raising by mermaids. They love to play in the water (sea, river, lake, pool, tub, shower, etc). Absolute, one of them  believes is a mermaid. So help me with that.

Coming back to my story with what happen, I just trying to get set in the beach, we walk to the ocean and we saw this bottle. In a moment I thought somebody was drinking and let a bottle of something like that there. I thought the water was taking  the bottle into the ocean.
But It wasn't what I thought or what it looks. It was a precious bottle, that a kid took his time to make a note, draw a picture and grab his parents to the beach, to let the water taking his bottle somewhere beyond the sea.

I'll try to open the bottle but it was very well seal. My husband have to unglued the cork with a knife. Let me tell you, that his mom or dad did excellent job sealing this bottle.
Well, the person who send the message bottle to the sea is Josie Drewt from Florida. He likes cats, dogs and tigers! Also and his letter states, that he has a brother and likes to play Minecrafter with him. And of course he draw a picture in his letter like a robot, and a second one in a different page. That it looks like a cat. He did a terrific job!.

Well, where ever Josie is now, he must be happy that I found his message bottle as much as I do. 
His bottle will continue the journey, around the world.
Thanks to make my girls so happy and to give me a wonderful time, specially for have me inspire to write this story, you story  beyond the sea.

I took some more pictures in the beach that I would like to share. Hopefully or maybe one day I will meet this little guy with a great creativity.
This it was my best and sweet story for my summer. what it was yours?  Don't you think go to the beach is always something special?


  1. Very sweet story. Beach always brings happiness to the kids.

  2. So sweet story. Great found. Hope this kid one day he find out you made a story about him :)