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Under a beautiful blue sky, from pumpkin patch to hay rides, corn maze, carnival, pick your own vegetables or Christmas tree. Farms are great places to visit in fall season.

Between  October and November, most people look for autumn festivals, corn maze, pumpkin patches or Jack-o'-lantern trails. Just named some of the few events. I really enjoy the walk in this season. Its considered one of the go family places to attend .

Farms have a large number of visitors. Many of them have a really good schedule program and activities to offer to the public, specially kids and targeted to the entire family.

Celebrate harvest, Halloween and fall days are super excited and well anticipated for most kids. That's why I took my kids to the farm, they loved!

We visit different farms every year. It's a great opportunity to teach them, where and how come the food. Also they can interact with animals and of course, see how they harvest some products. 

corn maze Advent
Scott farms

I took some pictures of the corn maze and some products that we pick our self . Is amazing to see how kids love so much the corn maze as much adults they do.

There's some farms that they do jack-o'-lantern trails at night . Just on weekends almost in the beginning of October till Halloween day. Is a great alternative to do, if you don't like to walk the farm at day time. 

The spooky part of the faces on the pumpkins that kids loves to discover are priceless and super fun.

Scott farms

As a parent and traveler with family. I totally recommended do trips to the near farm in your area.  Contact  your local city to find out locations. I will give some of the names of the farms I visited. Is really great activities to find .

Keep in mind the following tips:
always check what time is the last ticket sold. Since some of them sell tickets till 3:00 pm and they closed at 5:00 pm.

Others farms open at night for the spooky jack-o-lantern trails in October. Ticket prices and days are different as day time visits.
Some farms does not include the corn maze in the admission price. Just in case you would like to do one of them only.

Many farms have the hay ride in the admission price included. But I visited one farm, that this I have to pay separated.

Other farms, you pay the entrance and all activities are included (carnival, bouncy house, hay ride, mini hay maze for kids, etc.). 

This year hope you have time to visit one of the places to explore with the family. in case you didn't went yet.

Club Lake Plantation

Club lake plantation


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  1. Very beautiful. Nice story and great advice to follow. Like all the pictures as well.