Flamingo Gardens

The world it's yours be wild and explore... It will be incredible to walk in a place, that it looks like a paradise. Well, this park for sure is a place that we could call paradise.

Flamingo Gardens

"Flamingo Gardens" its one of those places. That you don't think could be close to the city. And yes, it is. This lovely place is been there for almost 90 years. First as citrus groves attraction, then with the incorporation of different plants as botanical garden.  

In the beginning with the name of "Flamingo Groves" was a citrus plantation. That later became one of the first botanical gardens and attractions in south Florida. 
Located in west Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Is one of the top places to visit in the area. It's Everglades sanctuary wildlife and of course, botanical garden.

Flamingo gardens

This amazing place is a breathtaking and beautiful paradise gardens. In his 60-acre of land, you can find tropical and subtropical plants, as well exotic and native plants.
Also you can find an aviary, avocado groves (used to be orange tree plantation) and  of course the everglades wildlife.

Flamingo Gardens is a family welcome place. When I was taking pictures I met a lady from the area, she told me she loves to visit the botanical garden as  relaxing walk. One of her passion are taking pictures of birds and flowers. Then I meet another local people, parents that live in the area. They said, this place is wonderful, they love to take their kids often. So that is showing, that this place is a destinations for all groups. Kids, adults, and family. 

I was impressed to found such a big and wide trees, native plants and to my big surprise, many royal peacocks!

There is many peacocks in the gardens
you can see them in different sizes

white peacock
flamingo gardens

The peacocks are stunning, they are many and for my big surprise in two different colors!!. Everybody can see them walking around the gardens and outside of the main house.
Apparently it was idea of Mrs. Wray (original owner of the property) to incorporate peacocks on the 1940's to delight of the visitors. It is said there, were nesting flamingos in the property when was bough it. 

So she had the idea to add a special visual to the gardens. In fact, the incorporation of the peacocks was a wonderful detail. They are such a beautiful and exotic birds. Is glad that Flamingo Gardens, still keeping the legacy of Mrs Wray. 

In the property, is the "Wray home museum", which used to be the resident of the owners. Mr. and Mrs. Wray were who designed and make possible the botanical garden.

My two little ones love this place. They have special place for kids in the area, where kids can play and also touch some plants and flowers.

There's some animals that my little ones like them > the otters, are playful and gracious to watch them.
Many red throat hummingbirds visit the gardens on winter season, because are some fruits plants that they like to feed, as well many butterflies.

The trolley give you a tours almost all the far part of the property (no extra charge for the ride), and that is a big plus. Usually if you are with kids, trolley ride is such a great idea.

Easily you can spent about 5 hours or more in this park. I visited on Tuesday and lots of birds on the trees welcome my stay. There's a restaurant inside as well gift shop in the entrance.

They open seven days a week from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. Tickets are affordable. And for anyone, who would like to avoid the beach or visit something different in south Florida, this is the place. Just close to the city and the everglades.

trail in the garden

Peacock giving a great show to us

Hope you enjoy this reading as much I did visiting this fabulous place. Maybe you can visit and take your family or just go along and enjoy the walk.
If you have any question or comments you can drop a line. I will answer any concern.
I leave you with couple more pictures.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I been in this place once. I never going to forgot. As you described, is a beautiful paradise.

  2. Los lugares que describes en tu página me hacen viajar con tus fotos aún que no haya estado allí. Voy a planear un viaje para visitar uno o más de los lugares que has puesto en tu página. Gracias buen trabajo

    1. Muchas gracias por leer y cuando viajes comparte tus fotos conmigo.

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