Happy Holidays

Is the most beautiful time of the year, where millions of people get together to celebrate Christmas,  commemorating  the born of Jesus Christ.
I love this season, is very excited and move tons of festivities around the globe.

Since I am a nature lover, is very interesting to see all the natural Christmas ornaments on winter, like the pine cones, natural acorns, tree slices, cinnamon and of course the Christmas tree.

When I was decorating for Christmas, I found in a special box my letter "G" that stands for my name > Gina. This letter it was give to me almost 10 years ago. Brings me so many good memories from a last job, specially with the people who I used to work with.

I believe, Christmas is about to celebrate the born of Jesus Christ and appreciate everything we have.  

Thanks everyone for you support, wish you a happy New year. It was a truly wonderful year for me and I forward to see next year the same.


  1. Agree with you. Christmas is about appreciate everything that we have. Happy New Year!!!

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