Karina's Birthday

There is no better friend than a sister. And there is no better sister than my sister "Karina" .

Every year on December, when Christmas is arriving and everybody (who is christian) are celebrating and preparing the most beautiful time of the year. Also there's many people who's birthday is in this wonderful day, December 25th. And that's the case of my sister.

She was born on Christmas day, and to me is the most beautiful gift someone can have. But probably she doesn't agree in the whole context of the words.  
However, I appreciate so much to everyone who had the time to attend and celebrate her birthday after Christmas.

Thank you so much,
Here is some of the pictures.

Birthday girl with her favorite niece 

You might agree that "happy girls are always the pretties girls"

I like this picture nobody blink any eye. You guys are awesome

I am pretty sure Karina got great time with everyone. She always rock her birthday.