Chicago winter visit

Chicago, the windy city on Lake Michigan in Illinois is famous for its prominent architecture and inclement weather in winter.

Visited Chicago in winter season is no bad as many people could think. There's many places and things to do.

In this city there are different towers where you can take a look impressive views from above. Is one experience that you must see. 

John Hancock Center
View of Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago

Either at the Hancock Center where I took some pictures from above (100 floors) or from the former Sears Tower knows as Skyline in the Willis Tower you get great pictures and wonderful experience. This last one, is 110 floors skyscraper, taking you in seconds up to 4 states views in one stop. 

Chicago, Illinois Skyline at night
When you travel on winter, keep in mind the time because view of Chicago at 4:45 pm it's like almost night time.
However the museums, the zoo, art galleries, planetarium and many more are some things to do when snow is on and on.

Field Museum

The Field Museum is a great place to explore. Is most designate to science and have a learning center, many events during the year, food court, many programs, large collections of dinosaurs fossils. Great for kids and family or whoever loves science. You can spend easy all day in this museum and probably you don't finish to see all the exhibitions.

Field Museum
In the above picture is me matching the floor and walls with my sweater.

Shedd aquarium one of my favorite places to visit in Chicago. Definitely animals connect you to the living world.

Sheed aquarium
My visit to this aquarium was totally memorable. Love how was the lay out of the building. As the Field museum, you can spend a complete day here. It's full of programs, events, kids area and also they have a show with the dolphins every day.

Talking about everyday, The Shedd aquarium have free day for all Illinois residents. It's around 52 days per year that they can get free admission. That's really great for them. At the same time they offer free admission to the seniors in a long-month celebrating the senior community in the month of September and you don't have to be Illinois resident for this offer.

Brookfield Zoo is open on winter time to the public. If you ask me to go and visit the Zoo during snow in winter, I will say no way!. However I went to Brookfield Zoo, because my family wanted to go and happen to be after the first snowstorm of the year. I thought was a bad idea. But this place was totally worthy to see, considering the weather.

There are winter animals that you don't see in others Zoo. The building is designed pretty good for visitors on winter time. I did not feel cold at all and I am a person who always is cold. Exploring the Zoo was not bad idea as I thought.

Amur tiger
The Amur tiger is a Siberian tiger, was cozy in the snow.

Crested porcupine from North Africa
Those crested porcupines they were so cute to not take a picture and shared with you guys.

Well I leave you with couple more pictures of the Zoo. This trip was a good winter escape.
For more info you can check the links below from the museums, the towers and the Zoo.


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