February is my favorite month of the year. Mind you, not season. I don't like too much winter.

This month, is the month of love and people starting to get use to a new year.
But my love for this month, does nothing to do for celebrate Valentines Day.

Love this month because is my birthday month. Yes! A month that I used to wait very anxious when I was a child to celebrate my birthday.

My birthday  is the same day of Valentines, February 14th. How lucky I am. Yes, I am baby Valentines and since is a day of love I celebrate double. But at the same time I buy for me double presents. The rewards that goes for my birthday and for Valentines.

Red lace dress HERE

I like to wear for Valentines red dress. But also pink outfits are beautiful too. I bought it this dress last year. For my birthday. But I end up used this dress for Christmas party, because I had plans for Valentines that not required dress up. However I always been in love with this dress. The color is something that you can't pass, is very beautiful. When I got it. I paid full price. I didn't know it was on sale after that. 

This month is your romantic February and  if you celebrate in different days (At least I decide to do). Here are some choices of statement pieces that are really cute and does not cost a tons of money that you can keep on mind to go casual.

Blue-Asymmetric-Shoulder HERE

Pink-Ruffle-Sleeve-Pullover-Sweater HERE

Those two pieces are really beautiful, dressing up or down is a way to do it.

I will be posting other outfits. I know some of you like when I  write about fashion or statements clothes on this page and I so glad to do it.

       white off the shoulder tunic

White-Off-The-Shoulder-Tunic HERE

.This last one is very sexy. Can be great for spring, summer or fall. Is one of my favorite and the price does not affect you at all. Check the link and you will see.


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