Porch Therapy

In beautiful days, walk is the key to enjoy the day. And that was my excuse to go to the beautiful downtown Winter Park, Florida and check the farmers market.

Photography by Walk the Bridge

 With a stunning blue sky and amazing weather, I approach to the market looking for plants.

As much I love to see new things. I have this love for mother nature > plants. I can't help.
Having not major effort and looking around, my eyes catch this booth "Porch therapy".

They carry beautiful succulents! I totally meaning. Honestly, see the pictures. They are so perfect in different shapes and you can't have only one (I want all). 

They carry gifts, individual plants, they do landscaping design, floral arraignment for weddings with succulents! which it was totally new for me. Looks very organic and beautiful. Their website info is below the picture.

Porch Therapy
I going to start making my collection of succulents. They are perfect for interiors or outside. They're so easy to maintain or required not major work.

My walk to the farmers market, was getting to myself into succulents. It was worth and is going to look beautiful in my house.

If you are by the area or visit Orlando, Florida. I suggest to stop by this shop in winter Park, they are not only in the farmers market.  Visit their website for more info.

Porch Therapy

 Farmers Market 
Photography by Walk the Bridge

Photography by Walk the Bridge

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