Blueberry pick up Day

Blueberry farms are a great place to spend time with family during spring. Today I will share my visit to one of the farms in the beautiful town of Montverde, Florida.

                               Blueberry plant                                
 Photography by walk bridges

When I started  my search for blueberry u-pick farms open to public, I found out some farms are open to the public the entire season (December to April) and others only towards the end of the picking season (usually the more commercial farms). 

My seven year old daughter is a hard core fan of blueberries and she loves everything that has blueberry on it. This is why thinking about her, we did search a blueberry farm. I truly think is as good inspiration to teach kids how and where blueberries come from. 

We went to this cute farm; H&H Blueberry FarmThe weather was beautiful, not really hot, considering Florida weather in the month of May. Since the farm has shade from big trees around, we were able to stay relatively cool while picking. The blueberry picking area is not extraordinarily big which is nice when keeping an eye on the kids trying to explore.

It's always important to teach kids where our food comes from and appreciation for the hard work that goes into providing it for us. "U-pick" any of the fruit or vegetables on the farms are a great way to teach them and have fun at the same time.

Blueberry pick 

Love the colors of the blueberries, are rich dark blue. And the antioxidants that they have are even richer. When you collect blueberries you can pay by pound or for the 1 gallon bucket. We decide to get the whole bucket since my kids love blueberries and I can do many things with them, like smoothies, muffins, blueberry parfait and pancakes to name some of them. 

Blueberries u-pick
photography by walk bridges
Next time if you want to do something fun in the beginning of spring or  just at the end of the season, check the area where you live. There's always farms open to public where you can take the kids and have a wonderful time. Hope you like this trip and there's more to come.

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  1. Very nice. Go to a farm and pick any type of fruit it's a great way to teach kids about life. Good job!!