Shine in yellow dress

Hello everyone, today I going to talk about timeless pieces of clothes that are slow fashion.

I introduce you my colorful vintage dress. 
Every year I like to visit St Augustine, Florida (it's the oldest city in United States). This city has a lot things to offer check HERE, for more. 

Well, in one of my trips walking around the town, I find out a shop where they sell up-cycling clothes, accessories made by local designers, vintage and thrifty clothes. It's a thrift store but they carry some brand new styles too. And is where this dress come from.

Spiegel yellow vintage dress
Photography by Namashiry

This beautiful yellow dress called my attention immediately because of the rich color and classic style. For a moment I hesitate. I thought was not vintage. it was in neat condition. But when I look the label and check very well, I realize the dress is true vintage.

When people talk about "slow fashion " is It's about the consumer becoming aware of the whole process--from design through production through use and through the potential to reuse," 

Slow fashion are clothes made and last for long time just as this dress.

One example of this, is shop for vintage clothes, always look for classic and timeless pieces. To me are the best investment. My yellow dress has all of that. I really was happy to find it. 

The label of this dress is Spiegel. I'ts linen material and is complete lining. All the designs of this brand are made to last many seasons. I believe this piece is late 70's or beginning of the 80's . The style was very well done and "classic" never goes out of fashion.

Spiegel vintage dress
Photography by Namashiry

Flattering, timeless and classic designs are good points to take in consideration. Either when you want to buy an expense clothes or if you want to invest on vintage statement pieces.

However, if vintage is something that you like it.  Don't have to spend too much money in that. I purchased this dress, and to be honest can't remember how much exactly I paid. Probably was around twenty dollars. 

But one thing for sure, from all the items that I purchased that day (I bought others things) the $20 yellow dress was the expensive item on the receipt.  

Helping the environment in different ways is great. Don't buy quick trends, investing few dollars in thrifting is also a great way to get into slow fashion. 

Vintage dress
walk the Bridge

This summer dress is my favorite. Good deal and happy to have it. Hope you enjoy reading. I would like to know what it was you best find and the stories you can share. Write in the comments I will happy to hear.
See you next time.

Updated July 2018
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