If life give you lemons..

It's well said, "when life gives you lemons make lemonade". A really good phrase to encourage optimism  and positive attitude. 
However, today with positive mind and the beautiful blue sky above, I will share lemons prints! You can see some of this awesome prints here

Yes! a beautiful phrase that encourage many of you ladies to get a positive mind and wear this print too! like those here. I feel that this dress is not just summery. But also is cute, gives fresh look. And get ready to have many compliments from everyone!

I know, tropical prints it's great for summer go to the beach and they are hot at this moment in almost any wearable item. But, there's this tendency for fruit prints as well. Like watermelons, cherry, strawberry, lemons and the list go on.

I love fruits and in honor to that, I choose this beautiful lemon print dress, that I am sharing with you guys and I can't get enough. The store where I buy has many more different styles, sizes and lemons prints. check here for more.

This picture was taken on the Convent St Joseph in the historic city of St Augustine in Florida. The gardens are very beautiful! . Morning was humid and at noon was hot but on the shade of the giants oak trees was great and feel some breeze (summer weather). My hair did not cooperate at all. In the top of that, was raining day before. In the afternoon also guess what? rain again. No that much but is how it is summer, lots of rain (specially in Florida). If you would like to read more about this amazing city check my post about the San Marcos Castle here you going to find an interesting place to visit (if you haven't been there yet).

Hope you like this note, thanks for reading.


Lemon print dress
Photography by Namashiry
St Joseph Convent, St Augustine Florida


  1. nice post. Love St Augustine too !

  2. Thanks Olga, St Augustine is a beautiful city. Thanks for share your opinion. xoxo.