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Beautiful days are a gift that we can share with others. Walking in the gardens with my favorite person (my daughter), is the impulse to forget all the stress and see life in different perspective. 

She likes to go for a ride on the stroller or walk with me. I love to hear her stories. In this walk, she was telling me about her super power rainbows. Showing me some plants, she was able to transform trees into rainbows. Ha! it's a great power right!? That's a cute imagination.

I wonder what if all kids are heard for their parents, how world will change? It may affect ? or just is something that has nothing to do with. In some aspects maybe. But for sure, I know one thing. Listen the stories of your kids and engage with them, helps to develop confidence .

Usually I am a busy parent, as many of you out there. For that reason I make my schedule to do some routine activity. I take my time to go and walk with my kids over the week, almost every day (that's my daily exercise). I'll try my best of me to listen and pay attention to her stories. Many of them, make my day from something special turn to extra special day.

I like to listen to my kids and engage with anything that they have to say. Interaction is fun when you see the world into child eyes. It's beautiful, pure and full of imagination.

Kids are easy to listen and the good way to do that is the follow recommendations:

- Most likely to get a child to listen to you, if first you listen to them first. That's very simple.
- If you constantly criticize or put your child down, he maybe hesitate to ask you any question or anything that you have to say.
- Thoughtless words and jokes that seem incidental to you may be hurtful to your child. The American Association of pediatrician states "phrases such 'Don't bother me,' 'You are stupid idiot' or 'That's a dumb question' make your child feel worthless and unwanted and  seriously can damage his "self esteem".
- making the time to be around, it's very important.
- Inspire your child, try to have inspiring conversations. That give children sense of what is important.
- It's not enough to tell a child to not smoke, drink or take drugs unless you present alternatives, to give good feelings like sports, music, art or good relations with others.

Well, you got those points. Hopefully it can help and inspire to any parent with kids, "Listen to them first is the key".

See you next time.

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