Beautiful sky


As another week  approaching with sunny and calm days and happy that powerful Hurricane Irma have been dissolved (after hit the whole state of Florida and many Islands). I have to say that I am very blessed to see beautiful skies again.

Intense moments that many people live and perhaps didn't take this life for granted. Hurricane season is been common for me. I live in Florida and we get used to this. But not all storms are the same. The last one hit very  hard (hurricane Irma). 

I was thinking how people in the past did with all hurricanes? Now with all the advance technology available, is easy to track a Hurricane when is in his way. Also predicting his trajectory is a plus. That's amazing how far we got into this area. However there's room for improvement. This make me think again; how people they did? back 200 year ago? They all survive to inclement storms? where they hide?, how they get prepared?. Those are the type of questions that sometimes I get cut. 

Reading history book I find some answers. and visiting museums, they give you a little perspective about it.

I was in Key West not long ago. I went to the Ship wreck pirate museum, and I encounter to read about the Spanish sailors in the 1500's . They described, big storms close to the Atlantic Ocean (where now is USA) and the Caribbean and also Key West area. 

Their ships got destroyed for powerful storms, loosing all the cargo of gold and silver washing out by the waters of the sea. Those catastrophic storms that they had been describing in History books, are hurricanes that sailors were not used to by that period of time.

Now, in my time our time of this century. I am thankful we made it to the worse. Hopefully all people who lives in Florida and suffered damage in their houses find strength in one another as they try to piece together their homes.

Finally I let you with some pictures that I took after the hurricane storm and how my neighborhood ended.

Thanks for reading.

The bad part of hurricane season are not just damages of houses. But also break many trees that usually fall apart or entire tree over vehicles and houses.  This last house have been block for the enormous tree down.


  1. I'm happy you are safe. Thanks for writing about it.

  2. Is a year after hurricane passed, I am glad you guys are safe and hopefully everything back to normal.

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