After Valentine"s Day

Valentine's day was couple days ago.  But I decided to write about it, because not everyone celebrate the same day.
That happen when February 14th is not on the weekend .  If you work that day or your partner is not in  town. You make arrangements.  Since Valentine's day this year was on the middle of the week, Wednesday. Most people celebrate the weekend before or after.  In my case we did  it after, we have some projects going on in my house that I will share and do a post later.

Since we celebrated after, I had more time to navigate on the web, looking what can I  choose to wear, buy and time to planning in advanced what we going to do.
For this day I want to wear something blush color and not just red, even my favorite color is red! But I wasn't sure,  so I going to show you what was my choices.

Buy here

I love the colors of those dresses and the pattern,  was difficult to choose only one style.
We planning to go to my favorite restaurant, I just looking into dresses and color was a thing to decide. In the middle of the week we decided to go to Animal Kingdom to celebrate Valentines with my kids. Then over the weekend go to my fav place with my husband. 

Looking for more options I found those florals styles. I think all of them are beautiful and price wise was right. However I was looking something else and floral patterns it was a great choice, that I just keep my eye on.

One Shoulder Leaf Print A-line Dress Flower Buttoned Drawstring Waist Shirt DressFlare Sleeve Floral Striped Bowtie DressFloral Belted Maxi Surplice Dress

You can buy any of those dresses here and there you have some of my choices.
I think what to wear on Valentines depends more likely the weather, where you going to and your mood. In the past  I had spend time in Valentine's day with my two kids (in a nice restaurant) and dressing totally up was not practical to go out with them. Unless you have some person to help you with the kids. 

If you ask me for any practical dress to wear for Valentine's I will recommended a Maxi dress with sleeves. Why? because even if you go in a rash a maxi dress doesn't need major time to get dress. Also covers any details on your body that you  probably are not happy with. Lastly if you going to celebrate with your kids and they need to be hold, with a maxi dress you don't have to worry about if your undergarment is going to be seen, or if you going to loose the style. I guarantee you everything is going to be cover. 

Well after looking what I going to wear  I choose a red dress. Yes again! and forgot to mention that Valentine's day was double celebration, my birthday too! So I'll try to do two celebrations in different days. Right  here there's the tab for all the dresses that I took time to share some of them with you.

My big day was great, and hopefully yours too! 

Thanks for reading.


*This post was sponsor but all the opinions are my own

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