What I wear for baptism event

Attend to  some type of formal events are something that for someone drives to a headache and for others lots of excitement.

Last month was my daughter's Baptism, is a type of formal event in the church. Some people refers also as Christianity.  Everyone who believes in Jesus Christ (Christians, Catholics, Lutherans, etc) they do baptism celebration in the church. We gathered at the church and is a special mass service for that. 

My point here is, that attend to any formal event must be a celebration and not headache thinking what to wear. Probably some of you, carry on with no necessary worries and others (sometimes I'm guilty) have frustration at the last minute looking what to dress.

So today I decided to do this post showing some tips and styles on what to wear in formal events like baptism in the church.

Don't wear too short for respect of the church
Don't wear t-shirts with offensive logos or texts
Don't wear distress jeans where everyone can see your underwear.
Too tide clothes make you always a focus point (everyone is going to peek at you) 

For any figure texture on the fabric is the key, here's some examples that make the dress very sophisticating and ideal for any the occasion.

High Waisted Lace Prom Dress  Short Sleeve Hollow Out Scalloped Lace Dress

Hollow Out Ruffle Dress with Tank Top   Cami Crochet Flower Midi Dress

You can buy any of these HERE

For the last dress on the above picture I suggest it to dress with a jacket, specially if you are busty. I do have this dress on red color and is very beautiful. Material is not thin, is more like thick fabric.

If your event is more for the casual side, I find those floral embroider styles that have a lot potential and are very beautiful to match with other clothes.

Floral Mesh Dress and Cami Dress SetEmbroidered Checked Smock Shirt Dress
You can buy this HERE

Also, one color that is great to use in the church events (wedding, baptism, confirmation, first communion, etc.) is the red and burgundy tones, here's some examples :

Floral Pleated Tunic Dress High Contrast Cut Out Valentine Mini Dress

Vintage Printed Fit and Flare Waisted Dress Contrast Piped Velvet Shirt Dress

                                          You can buy those styles  HERE

Well, you have some of my tips, hope if help to someone to open the spectrum or ideas that are out there.  But if you would like to see more styles like denim dresses and tops you can check HERE is another way to see other options. Or you can visit their website HERE and if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.
See you next time.

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