West Palm beach

Photography by Walk the bridge

Last weekend I went to West Palm beach, we have a wonderful weather and really I couldn't ask for anything else. Considering still snowing and is cold in so many places, but the beauty of south Florida is definitely the weather.

If you probably read different posts in the blog,  you see that I like to visit "green places" like botanical gardens or national parks, however the beach is not the only place we explore around. Well this time, in West Palm Beach I went to Mounts botanical garden.

Is a beautiful place, located near to the airport and a good thing I saw in Mount Botanical garden is that, they have also an art exhibition  about  waste materials found on the beach. Artists they transform these materials in a gorgeous piece of art. This an example:

Views in this place is super relaxing and of course stunning. Takes like half day to walk around and is great for the kids. There's a herb garden that my kids find out how it look like the broccoli plants and the sugar cane. 

                                                                   Mounts Botanical garden  

Visiting this place was awesome idea. Since my trip was more for work that vacation. However I always have some time to do something with the kids when they go with me. There's more things to go and do around town, like art galleries, and states parks and walk in downtown. The galleries is not for kids even I will love to go, but when I have mini company is not  fun for them. But I totally suggest to go around to see many independent artist and restaurants around nigh or over the day is really fun.

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South Florida in winter still hot for many people, wear comfortable clothes, if you think denim is fine for you do it. But is better to wear light clothes like this skirt or walking shorts is a way to go, like this style:
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Well hope you enjoy this post and soon you can make it to this place. See you next time with more places to explore.

Here's some pictures of the botanical gardens

Mounts Botanical gardens

This picture is around the city in West Palm beach. Is truly beautiful how all the plants even in winter weather in south Florida, they still keep a wonderful green color.


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