Packing for my next trip


Planning and schedule day off for upcoming vacation time, is important. Specially if you going to travel with family. 
One of the problems that I see is the quantity of clothes most of us pack and the type of clothing that is not for the realistic weather. 

Today I going to do a wish list of what to wear in my next summer trip  and touch some points, that sometimes could be irrelevant for many of us, but is worth the time to pay attention.

First, I always start planning with days I have available and deal with that period of time. 

Second search what is available around the place you want to go and how crowded is the season when you  travel.  Sometimes are big festivals or is hot season, where everything has long periods of wait and isn't easy to enjoy, plus could be stressful.

My trip is going to be at the beach, unless you going to take sun all day, pack less clothes and more swimsuits .

When you travel to hot weather places, light clothes are a must. Usually I see many ladies wearing leggings (jersey leggings, the ones you use for the gym). The material of that garment is hot. I definitely is a Not to wear on the beach when is hot weather, unless you going to exercise and the temperature is cold. 
However, doesn't mean you don't have to take it with you. Leggings are great for many women and super comfy when travel is required (doesn't work for me) but is your own choice. Clothes with long sleeves (light weight), I totally recommended at least one piece. Always in the airplane, airport or places where's air condition running all day, temperatures are not the same. Also if you visit a natural park where mother nature is there, long sleeves protect you for many insects (eve if you wear repellent spray). So I suggest long sleeves is a must to take with you.

Stripes Cross Over Top and Wide Leg Pants SetTiny Floral High Low Dress      
1. Stripe set: top & pants HERE       2. red burgundy dress HERE

Floral Long Sleeve Linen Blouse Dress  Ruffles Wrap Polka Dot Mini Dress

3. Flower dress HERE       4. Yellow polka dot dress HERE

Those dresses are very beautiful, comfortable and doesn't scream I'm a tourist. you can check more styles here .

Third, packing at least two sets of swimwear is very important, because in hotel rooms are difficult to dry out clothes quickly in one night, specially if you swimsuit is full of sand (even if you wash a lot) sand will be there. If you travel with kids,  be careful with sand rash.
To camouflage some dress code, check those beautiful styles of swimsuits, are absolutely gorgeous and doesn't break the bank. Click on each link to find out the price:

 Tied Striped One Shoulder Swimwear Cutout Ribbed One Shoulder Swimsuit
 1. Stripe swimsuit buy HERE      2. Red & white swimsuit HERE

Local people who live around the beach don't wear swimsuit all day. They use light clothing, sandals  or shoes. When you go places around the beach not all business like restaurants allow bikinis and bare foot, keep that on mind. So I think the swimsuits above can do the job with a nice skirt or shorts.

Fourth, I mentioned above about sand rash, this is common on young kids if you don't have a proper shower after the beach and clean clothing (without sand). Take a good shower in the hotel or in the showers beach to remove sand excess. 

Fifth, when you pack your clothes, kimonos are the best to do double job. Is very useful as a cover up on the beach or to wear over simple clothes at night. Plus doesn't make too much space on the bag. I choose lace cover up because gives an extra nice and effortless look to any outfit. Check those examples and click on each link below, or if you would like to see more styles check HERE

Sheer Lace Tie Front Kimono Cover Up Sheer Tulle Beach Kimono Cover Up
1. White lace kimono HERE      2. Beige lace cover up HERE

Finally, not all beaches have restaurants next to you. If you're a tourist no nobody can expect you to walk with a cooler with cold water & food. In that case carry granola bars and fruits like orange, tangerine or apples are you salvation to fight hunger. 
One easy way to get food on the beaches that doesn't have restaurants or they have food trucks with extremely long lines is to order pizza delivery where you at. 

Okay wonderful readers, hopefully you guys have some good tips here. I would like to know your comments below. See you in the next post.

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