Spring Days

The season is here! I talking about spring, since many of us are waiting for. I have to tell you that last week I went to women's brunch for Spring/Easter . After so many days of cold, now we are celebrating this anticipated season.

The brunch was great and I had time to socialite with my friends. Food was awesome, at least everyone said that. But I had some allergies going on and I was congested, leading me to loose my sense of smell and taste! oh well can't help. One thing for sure, love spring, the colors that brings, the new green leaves but not the pollen.

I wear this lace RED DRESS ( which I was chasing for awhile)  and comes in different colors as well. Is very comfortable and have pockets inside which is a plus.

Where to buy this dress click here
For other styles and summer dresses click here

Couple things very interesting about this red dress are: I have seen this particular style in almost ten stores online, different colors and also different prices. Originally I was looking for white color, but couldn't find it.
I choose red, because is one of my favorite colors and I bought it on February for my birthday.

I think I can take advantage of red dresses because I can wear on different occasions (valentines, Christmas, weddings, etc. ) and so on.

Well,  spring is here and if you would like to update your closet check this post here has interesting topics to read.

Hope you like this note, and if you have any questions,  let me know in the comments below.

Gina Rod 

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