Traveling in Style

Red wrap dress HERE

Packing for travel is always a headache, especially if you have to do more than one luggage or if you are traveling with family.
In the top of that, some of us they don't know what to wear in long trips and we ended doing or picking wrong choices of clothes. Yes, been there done that. Experience teach me and I learn the hard way of carry large luggage for nothing.  

The key to success a long trip, is very simple "must wear comfortable clothes" that  also includes comfy shoes!  So, today I going to share with you some tips about "how to travel in style" without sacrificing the comfort you're looking for.

The following description are my personal opinion. It can work for some of you or not.  But some of those tips can be handy when you prepare your next trip.

1. Maxi dresses:
The best solution for not to worry about to change it many outfits in one day, is to wear maxi dresses . The power of Maxi dress is the comfort.  I choose THIS dress because I have enough room to walk, run and even go on my knees, if I have to pick up something. Plus I still looking stylish. 

Sleeveless Floral Maxi Dress    Plunging Neck Slit Polka Dot Belted Dress 

Maxi dresses are the best. But also midi dresses works. The one that I'm wearing is midi. Some of my friends told me that, they feel swallowed for maxi attire. If that is your case, choosing a midi dress works as well. 

2. Sneakers:
When I travel, I like to wear the most comfortable shoes. Sneakers like THIS are the winner for travel. But don't choose bulky styles, because they will take a lot space on your bags when you get more than one pair. Sleeve on shoes with great support are awesome too, specially to pass quickly the whole security area on the airports.
Those shoes are my favorite ever.  You can sleeve on your feet and you're done.  The sole inside of this shoes have elevated support tech, which make them the best shoes ever for traveling!!   They aren't flat inside and that's why are with me all the time.

 You can buy more colors or this style  HERE

3. Denim jeans 
Denim jeans, is a way to go for most people. Stylish your denim with a comfy jacket or your favorite top. 
I wear denim when I travel, but I feel like the fabric sometimes is heavy and gets more space than you think in your luggage.
However is the most piece of a wardrobe that people use and more the comfortable for many. If that is your case used.

4. Stripes or color coordinate your  kids :

If you travel with family (kids) and your trip is long.  Don't get frustrated about what the kids going to wear. Color coordinate all the kids, is the best solution. I usually like them to wear stripes including myself. Doesn't need to be the same shirt for everyone. People will recognize your family and your kids wont be lost, are some of the pro into this match. 

The about pictures are some of the travels we done. Sometimes my daughter falls asleep after long driving (absolutely always) .
Below are some designs that can be nice when you travel.  Matching outfits looks great on them and you going to love it !

Knitted Overlap Stripes Top  Ruffles Wrap Striped Top
1.stripe overlap top               2. Stripe wrap top

5. Hats:
Long trips on airplane or car means messy hair for sure.   So don't worry about that, wearing stylish hat cover the unnecessary  sensation that I do look okay?  Get your favorite hat and you ready to go. 

Printed Side Slit Long Beach Dress   Floral Flounce Off Shoulder Maxi Dress

 Those outfits on the above pictures have a hat and it looks really nice when you try on. No because are beach style, but also you can match with other type of hats and style with a blazer for a sharp look.

Well hopefully you like this post and if you get to travel next time let me know what is your favorite way to pack and if those tips help you.


  1. I need to take this in consideration on my next trip. Love the dress ��!!

  2. Thanks Namashiry Im glad you like the post and the dress!!

  3. travel in style, is a nice post Gins

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