3v3 National Championship


National Soccer Championship
ESPN Wide World of Sports
Walt Disney world Resort

Over the weekend we had three days of sunny days for the anticipating National Championship 3v3 Girls Soccer Tournament at ESPN Wide World of Sports at Walt Disney World Resort.

I was super happy that my little girl was participating in the tournament. She loves soccer and this, was a great way no just for her, also for all the kids who participate to play in the games. 

Summer in Florida is hot and humid and all the days that the team play was not the exception.  At least over the three days we didn't get big rain. So I can't complain about weather.

Dragonfly Soccer Team
Here's our team. Girls who like soccer and they running fast like Dragonflies fly! wearing the cutest hot pink jersey soccer I saw in the tournament. 

Dragonflies Soccer Team

Pine Pacers Team Vs Dragonflies Team
Soccer National Championships

I always believe that soccer offers to all the kids the freedom of run and motivation. Talking about that, I have to thanks to all the parents who wake up very early to be there, three days in the road with your kid for the game.  Also special thanks to Coach Kelso who give to the girls the time to training with him and build the Dragonflies team.

Coach Kelso Dragonflies team to the right
USA Team vs Dragonflies Team
Soccer Championship

 Dragonflies in action. For girls who are five and six years old our team did great. 

Dragonflies Soccer Team
ESPN Wide World of Sports
Walt Disney World Resort

The tournament was on Disney World Resort and of course we couldn't  miss Minnie. She was present and between the games everyone was able to take pictures with her.  She was wearing soccer uniform and our team didn't miss the shot.

Dragonflies Team with Minnie Mouse
Disney world Resort

Pine Pacers vs Dragonflies team

Dragonflies vs Mermaids team

Award Ceremony
On the third day, kids have an award ceremony. They played hard and everyone got their trophy.
All the girls with their big smiles are priceless.

Coach Kelso and Dragonflies soccer team
Second Place Gold Division
Challenge sports
3v3 National Championship
Congratulation to all the team for their hard work. Big thanks to our coach for his dedication to the team and all the parents for their support.

Dragonflies Soccer Team

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